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About Us

Smarter WIFI Smarter advertising

OMNIUP monitors free & secured WIFI on public locations by optimizing and monetizing existing hotspots.

With OMNIUP’s proprietary software, open Wi-Fi networks in public and commercial spaces become a new digital advertising channel by making ad-viewing mandatory to connect. OMNIUP brokers a trade of one advertisement for 30 minutes of renewable, free public Wi-Fi that leaves every stakeholders happy:

- Locations can interact with customers offering to them high-quality internet without having to manage it,

- Users get free, secured and high quality Wi-Fi at OMNIUP hubs,

- Advertisers benefit from hyper targeted and geolocated Advertising tools.


Hotspots with our service


Million Unique users


Thousands Ad views per day


Ads Projects a Year

Our Location

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  • Malls
  • Train stations
  • Coffee shops
  • Public places


Jason Feldman


What you are doing is a game-changer for the people of Morocco and the economy. By providing free Internet, you are enabling commerce for a population of people who are not necessarily connected to the world.You will have advertisers lining up to use this—mostadvertisers can’t reach the demographics that you provide access to consistently.

Walid Math

NEXT BILLION USERS Business Development Director

We are 200 in Next Billion Users company and we don’t have this type of remote diagnostic : can you come to San Francisco?

Meriem Laraichi

Credit Agricole Corporate Communication Director

We have launched more than 15 Advertising campaigns in 2018 with OMNIUP, we have done institutional campaigns and also campaigns to promote specific new banking products.

Fanou Messaoudem

Maroc Telecom Media Buyer Director

OMNIUP Advertising solution is very innovative: we are able to target on a geolocalized base our potential customers. We notice a high level of interactions with our website. Besides, we appreciate to monitor in real time the campaign (KPIs) with our dedicated platform.

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